Montgomery Couple Adopts Children In Ukraine


By Catalina Trivino

Ukraine has battled deadly violence and political turmoil in the last few weeks, as protesters clash with government leader over the future of the country.  A Montgomery couple got caught up in the turmoil when they traveled to the country to adopt four children... a trip they never thought would be so dangerous...

It may not be Christmas Day, but it is inside the Bundy's Montgomery home -- that's because for nearly three months, David Bundy and is wife, Lisa, have been in Ukraine trying to adopt their four children -- putting themselves in harms way to be parents.

"[It was to] the point where it was just constant explosions and shootings. Several in any ten second period," Said Bundy.

His father, Wayne, says as the situation became worse, he didn't know when they'd be able to make it back.
"[The children's] safety, Lisa and David's safety, whether the process was going to be completed, you know, if the government falls what do you do?" Said Wayne.

But as protesters wonder about Ukraine's future, Nastia, Karina, Max and Alla, who are all between the ages of 9 and 16 wont have to wonder about their future -- they're no longer orphans.

16-year old, Nastia is still in the Ukraine with her new mother, Lisa, as the adoption becomes finalized. Bundy says he needed to bring the other three back to states for their safety.

"There could be more fighting from pro-government people that don't want the west to be involved, so it made sense for us to leave and take these kids home to safety," Said Bundy.

Even during our interview, we couln't help but notice 9-year-old, Alla's happiness to be back in the states. She calls David "Papa" and just couldn't keep her hands off him.

When we asked Alla why she loves her father, she said: "Why? Because he's crazy and he loves me too very much!"

In the midst of protests, bombs and explosions is the joy to have their Christmas, a new life, and a new family -- all to find out what love is all about.

Bundy says the balcony of the apartment they stayed in faced Independence Square, where much of the violence was taking place. He says he's just thankful to be back with the kids.

Bundy says Nastia and her new mother Lisa are safe in Ukraine. They've actually moved out of the apartment that was near all the violence this week. The family hopes to have her home in about three weeks.