Montgomery Co. Leaders Buckling Down On Littering


By Catalina Trivino

Montgomery County leaders say more has to be done to stop littering. They say county roads are piling up with so much trash some roads are starting to smell.

I'm on Woodley Road -- this is just one of many county roads that have trash like this laying around. But the County Commission and sheriff's office says watch out -- they're buckling down on people who are littering.

If you're driving along some of Montgomery's county roads and the smell reeks of trash. It's no garbage truck behind you: you're driving through trash scattered along the roadside.

From bottles to furniture. We even found a dead carcus on Woodley Road. It smelled like it had been there for months.

But Montgomery County Commissioner, Rhonda Walker, says it wasn't always like this...

"We had some inmate labor and they're no longer working these roads. But there are other sources," Said Walker.

Both Walker and Cunningham are asking organizations to adopt a mile. After seeing the trash on the roadways, Robert Thomas's group did just that.

"We just got our sign, so I guess hey! We're eager and ready to go to work. I guess people just decided it's such an isolated area, per se, that they decided to just drive by and throw it out, but we're going to take care of it," Said Thomas.

But Cunningham says it's not up to organizations to take care of the mess. He says the county needs your help to report car tags of people you see throw trash on the roadways.

He says the roads with the most complaints include Woodley Road, Hobbie Road, Highway 331, Wares Ferry Road and Dozier Road.

And if you're a litter bug, you could see a hefty fine come your way.

"We want to send that message out to these people that are dumping it. If you get caught, we're really going to come after you. We're going to make sure that we're coming after you with the full extent of the law. We're going to make sure that you're prosecuted for what you're doing. We're going to send a message back. Enough is enough on litter and trash in Montgomery County!" Said Cunningham.

The minimum fine for littering in Alabama is $250 the first time. Anything after that is $500.

If you're interested in the Adopt-A-Mile Program, just visit