Prattville Church Holding Sunday Services In A Montgomery Bar


By Amanda Wade

Church, for a lot of us, means putting on your Sunday best and sitting in the pews; But one church is switching things up a little and challenging what going to church means.

It is called Bar Church and it lives up to its name. Instead of pews, church goers are sitting at bar tables. 
It is a sight you do not see often, dozens of people worshipping in a bar. Grace Life Church is based in Prattville, but their newest campus is at Rockbottom American Pub in Montgomery. By night, it is a local hangout, but on Sunday morning it transforms, "What we're trying to do is just reach out to people that may not like church. We're trying to reach people that still love having a relationship with God, but just doesn't like the four walls of a traditional church," says Bar Church Campus Pastor, Paul Lammon.
The service mixes worship songs and even some chart toppers that go along with their message. Pastors say 90% of the feedback they have gotten about holding church in a bar has been positive, "My message is, what are you doing? Who are you reaching? You know, what's your story? How much testimony are you giving? How many lives are being touched with just love? No agenda, no condemnation, no having to say a sinner's prayer and all these different things, just loving people," says Phil Bevilacqua, Grace Life Church's Lead Pastor.
Although alcohol is not served during the service, afterwards, the pub reopens as a restaurant where food and drinks are available.