Memorial Day: 90-Year-Old Army Veteran Speaks About World War II


By Catalina Trivino

In Montgomery -- a 90-year-old Army veteran takes us back to World War II.

It may be Memorial Day, but army veteran, Bob Lieberman, remembers the soldiers he fought with during World War Two every day.

"My friends who died over there didn't have a life, they were young men, 18, 19 20 years old and just disappeared," Said Lieberman.

There were 200 soldiers in his field artillery batallion. Lieberman was only 18 when he was drafted in the army -- most of his active duty was spent in France, Holland and Germany between 1943 and 1945. He was a communication and fire direction specialist, so he was trained to observe fire and and tell the artillary unit where to fight.

"Most of our attacks were at night. We were the first unit to be trained  with night attacks, which was extremely difficult in iteself because you get out in an open field and you can't see anything. So how do you know what you were attacking? The only light we were getting was either flares or burning buildings," Said Lieberman.

He says also carried the bodies of fallen soldiers and civilians, something he says is still tough to remember.

But he says the heartache of losing his best friend will never go away...
"He was my pup tent partner. And that had a profound.. Really, a strong impact on me. What is life with death? You know you just start thinking about stuff and here I was about 20 years old... Never left home," Said Lieberman.

He tell us he's one of about 20 soldiers in his battery that are still alive today -- soldiers often referred to as heroes.

"There were a few heroes but most of us were just doing our job that we were trained to do," Said Lieberman.