Alexander City Man Survives Being Stuck Inside of Garbage Truck


By Heather VacLav

An Alexander City man survives being stuck inside the back of a garbage truck Thursday morning.

Never knowing a man was inside; the garbage truck drove about eight miles down highway 280 from Ruby Tuesday’s to its next stop at Texaco Gas Station to unload another dumpster.

Deputy Chief Willie G. Robinson says the garbage truck driver started compressing the trash before noises continued from inside his truck. “He kept hearing screaming and hollering, and then he stopped and opened up and there he was,” Robinson said.

Police say first responders pulled 44-year old Dallas Crouch out from inside the truck around 4:30 a.m.

Crouch told police he was looking for his wallet inside the trash at Ruby Tuesday's when the dumpster was lifted up and into the garbage truck.

“That's just unbelievable to go into a garbage can and to hear that noise of a truck coming and to not get out,” Orlando Thomas of Alexander City said.

Thomas’ wife, Malissa also couldn’t believe Crouch found himself lodged inside the garbage truck.

“The dump truck is very loud, and for them to be able to hear him banging, he had to be hanging pretty hard,” Malissa Thomas said.

Other customers inside Texaco say the freaky accident will be the talk of the town for a few days.

“When you first hear it, you know now that he's not hurt, it's funny,” Larry Dodson of Goodwater said. “But if he got squished it’s not, it would have been a mess.”

Texaco employee Loretta Nall says it’s a miracle Crouch is still alive. “Nobody would have ever known, they would have been digging him out of a landfill if he didn't make enough noise to stop the truck.”

Police say Crouch was treated and released from a local hospital with no cuts or broken bones.

“He's lucky he's still alive, thank God he's still alive,” Dodson said.

CBS-8 News reached out to Dallas Crouch at his home, but was unable to talk with him a bout the accident.

Deputy Chief Robinson says the Alexander City Police will continue to investigate the situation, but don't expect Crouch to make the same mistake twice.