Montgomery Public Schools Holds Community Forum


By Jessica Gertler

Tonight dozens of parents and community members spoke out at a community forum on Montgomery Public Schools.

The forum was held at Carver High School. Dozens of questions were asked while parents and community members sat in hoping the answers would ease their concerns.

The questions were submitted as Superintendent Barbra Thompson, Mayor Todd Strange, State Representative Jay Love and County Commissioner Elton Dean answered.

"We are moving as a system forward," says Thompson.

The topics varied from graduation rates to discipline.

"We put in a anti-bullying system in our school district," says Thompson.

Some touching on growing classroom sizes.

"It's not how large the classroom size is, but we need to make sure we have the most effective teachers possible in the classroom. A great teacher can teach 15 or can teach to 30 the same way," says Love.

"I like Jay Love, but that was so incorrect the way Jay Love said that. i did not like that. We had A's when we were in school, and that's what we needed. These schools are very very overcrowded," says MPS parent Torin Hamilton.

But one topic that was not addressed was the school board investigating allegations that grades were being changed at three high schools.

"This forum was put together way before that issue came to light," says Strange.

Some parents say they came to the forum hoping to get clarity on the allegations.

Anderson Graves-
"You always get the ongoing investigation that we can't talk about it, because it is ongoing," says Anderson Graves. "I wasn't surprised, but yeah I was disappointed."

"The topics that they didn't want you to hear they seemed to put in the background," says Andrew Glover who is a parent.

If your question was not answered, and you submitted it by Twitter or e-mail, Thompson says you will still get a reply.