Local Shopping Challenged By Online Sales On Valentine's Day


By Catalina Trivino

It's Valentine's day -- and once upon a time buying all those Valentine's day items meant a trip to your local store, but shopping habits have changed...

Now, online shopping is challenging the way we used to shop. The National Retail Federation says 26 percent people are getting gifts with the click of their mouse. Especially since there is no internet tax.

The Alabama Retail Association says local florists will have more competition from online florisits, but those selling anything edible will win out on Valentine's day.

"Candy, cookies, cupcakes all those kind of goodies you like to get on valentine's day, local stores are going to win out because those kinds of things you don't want to order online necessarily," Said Nancy Dennis with the Alabama Retail Association.

The Alabama Retail Association says it ultimately depends on where you're sending your gifts. And if you're sending them last minute. The National Retail Federation says the average Valentine's Day celebrator expects to spend nearly $134 this year.