Local Restaurants Prepare For Huge Crowds For BCS National Championship


By Catalina Trivino

While fans in Miami are taking their seats in the stands, viewing parties in Montgomery are well underway.

Baumhowers in downtown Montgomery is getting ready for hundreds to come through the door Monday night. They'll be hosting a "watch party," complete with a live D.J and a 92 in. T.V., where you can watch the game in 3-D!

"As you know, or some people may not know, the championship game will be televised in 3-D this year. So, there will be numerous people here just to get that experience. This will be the only venue in town where you can watch the championship game in 3-D," Said coordinator of the event, Maze Marshall.

"On a big game like this, the whole counter is going to be full, the whole bar and there will be standing room only. If you don't get here early to get a table... You might not get one," Said Baumhower's General Manager, Emmett Moore.

Baumhowers says they expect about 15 percent of Monday night's sales to be carry-out as opposed to their usual 4 percent. So, while some restaurants and bars will be busy, most fans will be watching the game from the comfort of their home. Pizza shops, like Marco's Pizza, say it's a gameday menu that will help them reel in even more money. They tell us they expect over 160 orders to come in on Monday night -- that's almost triple their usual deliveries.


"We usually have two drivers on a normal Monday night, but since it's a big game and a big event coming up, we'll have six drivers," Said Marco's Pizza Assistant Manager, Barry Cook.