Lesa Keith Talks Future Plans As Montgomery Co. Board of Education Representative


By Catalina Trivino

From Campaign 2014 -- the Montgomery County Board of Education Race for District 1 was one of the few races where a newcomer beat the incumbent. Lesa Keith walked away the winner -- and tonight, we talk with her about her future plans... 

After 6 years, a new face will represent the Montgomery County School Board District 1 seat. Lesa Keith took home the win against incumbent, Heather Sellers. Moving forward, she says the ultimate goal is to help change the reputation of the Montgomery County School system.

"The grade changes at Lee [High School] really started blatantly about two years ago," Said Lesa Keith in an interview with us on October 2012. It was the interview that put her in the headlines.

Keith was the whistle blower for allegations of grade changing by some Montgomery teachers -- that lead to a statewide investigation into the school system. Nearly two years later, she's saying thank you to her supporters after winning the Montgomery County School Board District 1 Seat.

"I'm somebody that wants to change the face of education. I'm somebody that just wanted to be listened to because I told the facts," Said Keith, who's been teaching for 33 years.

She says transparency and accountability within the school system is on the top of her to-do list.

"We have got people throughout our school system that have been strategically located that are still in our system that are doing things that I don't think are so transparent. I mean, you think about it, we still don't know a lot of things from the grade changes," Said Keith.

She says she hopes teachers can get back to teaching in the classroom instead of disciplining -- in order to do that, she wants to implement a discipline plan. Keith also says she wants to look into what other school systems are doing.

"We could have our teachers five times a year, give up five planning periods and watch other seasoned teachers and sit down -- what was right? What wasn't right? What other systems have what's going right? And then implement it," Said Keith.

Keith says in the days ahead, she hopes to meet with school board members and the superintendent.

Keith will be sworn into office in December.