Lake Martin Businesses See Increased Sales With Warmer Weather


By Catalina Trivino

The sounds of boats and jet skis crashing through the waves -- all the signs boating season is here.

When we asked boater, Don Durden, why he comes to Lake Martin, he told us, "It's the prettiest lake in the southeast." And it's people like Durden who make a difference in business.

Now that the weather's warmed up, Durden spends most of his weekends at Lake Martin and shells out about $400 each time -- $300 just in gas.

"Groceries on the way up, we support the local restaurants on the lake, whether it's here eating at Kowaliga or at Springhouse, buying gas at Chuck's Marina, eating pizza and drinks over there, so yeah, it gets spread out pretty well," Said Durden.

And businesses aren't complaining about these kinds of customers, especially as they gear up for their biggest days on the lake -- Memorial Day weekend.

The new Kowaliga Restaurant is located right on the lake and with the thousands expected to make their way offshore, Kowaliga tells us they'll have to double-up personnel.

"We're seeing more and more people out on the lake, on the sea dues, having fun and we're giving them that nice option to come and eat after a fun day on the lake, skiing, tubing," Said Kowaliga Restaurant's Executive Chef, Russ Bodner. 

Bodner says he's noticed an increase in customers each week at Kowaliga -- but boaters aren't just spending their money to eat. Some are shopping to grab their summer gear. Businesses like the Kowaliga Marina say they've had to stock up on extra merchandise to prepare for Memorial Day weekend.

With next week's incoming crowds, Alabama Marine Police say there will be many boats on the lake. They're warning you to watch the wakes and be courteous of other boaters.

Next Sunday is the Southern Music Fest on Lake Martin to kick off the official start of boating season. It's a free concert at the ampitheater featuring country artists, Confederate Railroad, David Ball, and Rexton Lee. Gates will open at 5 p.m.