Judge Finds Probable Cause In Stephen Conrad Child Sex Abuse Case, Bond Reduction Denied


By Catalina Trivino

An Elmore County man accused of sex crimes against children starts over. Stephen Conrad is accused of raping and molesting eight children. He came before the judge today to see if he'll continue to stay behind bars.

It's the question both the defense and prosecution came to the Elmore County court house to find out -- the judge says because he found probable cause in this case and it involves children he refused to reduce the bond.

The case of Stephen Conrad started with 109 counts of sexual abuse involving eight children are now dropped after the lead investigator of the case, former Tallassee assistant police chief, Chris Miles, was accused of physically coercing Conrad to confess.

Since then, Miles been removed from the case and prosecutors on Thursday presented the remaining evidence which includes six charges on four children.

"But all the information is independent information from anything that happened in Tallassee's previous investigation," Said Mandy Johnson with the Elmore County District Attorney's office.

ABI agent, Brook Walker, has taken over the case and took the witness stand describing what four victims disclosed, including rape and fondling of a 12, 11 and three-year-old... and the youngest 15 months old.

Appointed defense attorney Bill Lewis asked the bonds to be lowered from $410,000. While that request was denied by the judge, Lewis says that should not have been the case.

"We feel like the state is being punitive in setting it so high for $410,000. Basically, [it] amounts to no bond on six charges and it's read that the bond is set at that level for these charges," Said Lewis.

DA Chief Deputy, C.J. Robinson, says it's already down from about $4.5 million dollars -- this was the original bond before the 109 charges were dropped. He says dropping the bond even lower wouldn't be fair to the victims.

"These are things that these children children... they've experienced have to live with them for the rest of their life. They didn't campaign for this, they didn't ask for this -- they were victimized by a child predator," Said Robinson.

ABI investigators say more charges are coming following grand jury, which will take place next month. Agents also say they're working on re-interviewing the adults in this case.

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