Is Nick Saban Headed To The NFL?


By Ashley Thompson

Nick Saban may very well be on his way to a 4th BCS title. He's one of the most successful coaches in college football and now some are wondering if he'd like to take some of that success to the NFL.

The Boston Globe has reported that if the Cleveland Browns hire a friend of Nick Saban's as general manager, Saban may be headed to the team as Head Coach. And he may have a few reasons for wanting to leave Tuscaloosa...

"Accomplishing something that he has not accomplished yet; being a successful coach in the NFL, getting to the playoffs, winning a superbowl," says CBS 8 Sports Analyst John Longshore.

Although many continue to speculate a Saban departure from Alabama, Longshore says the coach is right where he needs to be.

"He's in total control of that football program and he runs every aspect of it from recruiting to the play selection to the hiring and firing and he doesn't have to worry about someone looking over his shoulder like an owner or a general manager," he says.

With a annual salary at almost 5.5 million at Alabama, any NFL team would probably need big pockets to hire Saban. And some believe the Tide coach would jump ship for a bigger paycheck.

"Unfortunately that's the driving issue these days but I do think he loves the program and his wife and his family love Tuscaloosa," says Perry Hooper Jr. of the Montgomery Quarterbacks Club.

"In a way I feel like he's probably a little more loyal to Alabama than he has been to any other programs that he's been at but in the end it's probably going to come down to the money," says Jim Towle of the Quarterbacks Club.

Saban has not yet denied these reports and rumors. Maybe after the BCS championship game, he will speak on it. You may remember when he was still the head coach of the Miami Dolphins...he repeatedly denied he was coming to Alabama.