Investigators Search For Truckers Stealing Thousands In Diesel Fuel


By Catalina Trivino

Covington County investigators are searching for truckers who they say are stealing thousands of dollars in diesel fuel...

Investigators say the truckers are hitting Gitty-Up-N-Go gas stations in the middle of the night. And while the owners say they have photos of the trucks, they still need your help catching the drivers.

Covington County Investigators are searching for truckers who they say are stealing diesel fuel after store hours. Deputies say surveilance photos show a blue truck with a white trailer, one they think is a Freightliner.

Investigators say other photos show a creme truck with maroon fenders. Another white trailer is attached to it. It is believed to be a Peterbilt.

Chief Deputy, David Anderson says in the last six months, these and possibly more truck drivers drove away with about $120,000 in stolen fuel.

He says their leads show the truckers disabled the computerized fueling system...

"If you know how to do it, you can program that magnetic device to put the pump into a calibration mode. Calibration mode: It free-flows the fuel. It does not go through the counter," Said Covington County Chief Deputy, David Anderson.

Anderson says so far, the truckers have stolen 30,000 gallons of fuel between two Gitty-Up-N-Go gas stations -- 23,000 comes from one near McKenzie. The River Falls store has also been hit.

Convenience store owner, Chris Mohon, says he noticed the missing fuel during a recent inventory when he came up short in money.

He released a statement saying: "A customer caught the individual in the act and notified us. Then, we notified the authorities. We started reviewing video on days when we found shortages as far back as we could go. Since then, we've turned off the dispensers where the customers are no longer able to fuel after hours."

Anderson says these truckers could be hitting other gas stations, as well. He says if you are a gas station owner who allows after-hours fueling, he suggests you have a good surveilance system.

If you have a tip, you're asked to call the Covington County E-911 Center at 334-427-4911