How The Red Kettle Campaign Is Helping The Community


By Ashley Thompson

You've probably seen the Salvation Army's red kettles and bellringers but have you ever wondered how that money actually helps people in need?

The Salvation Army's slogan is 'Doing the Most Good' and that's exactly what they strive to do during their Red Kettle Campaign.

Lyndon Davis has been using the Salvation Army shelter for a little over a month. He says without its' services, many people would have no where to go.

"You have a lot of families come through here and I understand that families need, are in need, and it's a blessing for them to do the things they do for the families," says Davis.

Things like provide food, clothing, and shelter all at no charge. During the holiday season, the shelter will see more families come through its' doors. Funds from the annual Red Kettle Campaign help to relieve the Salvation Army of any added financial stress.

"As we receive money in our kettle campaign, it's very important for the community to know that all that money stays in this community and helps the programs that we run," says Salvation Army Captain Mark Gilliam.

These programs include emergency shelter, a food pantry, and a weekly feeding schedule. The Salvation Army will also donate care packages to families in need this season.

"We have a distribution day. We've interviewed over 1000 families that we'll be helping out this Christmas and December 18th, they'll be getting letters in the mail stating what time to come and we're going to help families out with food and also kids that are 12 and under, they've been put on an angel and they're going to be given toys and some clothing," says Gilliam.

Many at the shelter say The Salvation Army has given them a way to transition back into the community.

"It's a true blessing to come here to know that people do donate money and stuff like that to help folks like us to get on our feet," says Davis.