High-Speed Chase Leads to Manhunt In Prattville


By Ashley Thompson

The suspect ran his car right through a mobile home park before crashing into a home and frightening the woman who lives there.

Shannon Atwell was on her front porch when a Chevy Malibu crashed right into the front of her home.

"When he hit the porch, I went up into the air but I was still on the porch," says Atwell.

Prattville police say the suspect driving the car, David Hunter of Selma, then got out  and ran into the woods nearby.

Prattville Police Chief Mark Thompson tells us the chase began when authorities responded to a domestic dispute call. When police arrived on the scene, they say Hunter was still fighting with his girlfriend inside a vehicle.

"An officer turned his blue lights on," Thompson explains. "The subject tried to run and in the process hit one of our undercover vehicles with an officer in it."

After striking the undercover vehicle, police say Hunter sped off in the car, leading officers up Highway 82. It was at mile marker 133 that officers say Hunter swerved into this Mobile Home Park.

"He come straight through my sister-in-law's yard, come through the bushes, and hit the porch," says Shannon Atwell.

State Troopers used a helicopter to help in the search. Tracking dogs were also set out into the woods. The search was called off around 8pm but Shannon's husband says he will keep his eye out for the fleeing suspect.

"They better find him," says Shannon's husband William. "Because if they don't I'm going to, if I see him, I'm going to tie him up like a little pig. And i'm going to call the Sherriff's Office and have them pick him up."

The suspect is still on the loose. Chief Thompson tells us law enforcement will continue to search for him.

The suspect's girlfriend was taken to the Prattville Police Department for an interview shortly after the domestic dispute. We're told the search will continue tomorrow.

We'll keep you updated.