High-Speed Chase In Butler Co. Ends In Multi-Vehicle Crash And Man In Hospital


By Catalina Trivino

There was so much going on, the scene was stopping traffic. It was a high speed chase spanning through Butler County, ending with a man having to be life-flighted to a hospital.

It was in Georgiana that a state trooper car was waiting for that driver and his grey pick-up truck on Interstate 65. But what they hoped would end in a safe stop, ended even worse...

"The suspect... he was injured.  Jaws of life were used to get him out of his truck and he was air-lifted to Pensacola," Said Greenville Police Chief, Lonzo Ingram

State troopers received a call around 12:15 p.m. Monday, saying a vehicle was speeding and driving wrecklessly. They say the the driver of the grey pick-up truck refused to stop and was running other vehicles off the road.

"The suspect went north almost to the Lowndes County line, turned around, came back south, running several cars off the road, going around our vehicles. We made several attempts to pit him... was unable to pit him.  [We] had spiked several places," Said Butler County Sherriff, Kenny Harden.

And spiking the roads was what helped end the 100-mile-per-hour chase -- but the driver struck two Greenville Police Department patrol cars during that chase. They say the driver also hit an Alabama State Trooper car coming onto the Georgiana exit ramp.

Although officers did not receive any injuries, the driver of the truck was life-flighted to a hospital. State Troopers are not releasing the driver's name and wouldn't comment on the severity of his injuries.

"The good thing about this is no civilians were injured and no law enforcement was injured... so that's very good," Said Ingram.

State Troopers declined an interview with CBS-8, but they did say they're still trying to piece this investigation together. CBS 8 News will bring you the latest as we receive them.