High School Football Players Take Precautions, Head Injuries a Concern


By Tamika Bickham

Football season is back, but there are dangers on the field. More is being learned about the long term and life threatening effects of head injuries in the NFL. High school coaches are taking notice.

While football players are taking to the field each weekend there are safety concerns that continue to linger on the sidelines.

Hard hits are the name of the game.

The National Instutitute for Occupational Safety and Health released new findings this week that says NFL players are at a higher risk of death associated with Alzheimer's disease and other brain impairments.

But there is not only concern for players' brain health at the professional level.

As college and high school teams approach the line of scrimmage, they're taking precautions because one hard hit can have life long consequences.

"Most of the concussions on our high school kids are going to come from the chin and the force comes up through and so those are precautions we just have to watch for and when it happens, we've got a proactive plan to put into action to make sure the child does not get back on the field until he's able to protect himself," said Coach Randy Ragsdale, Trinity's football coach.

Coach Ragsdale says all high school players take pre-concussion testing online that is saved and they are retested following a hard hit before they are allowed to return to the field.