High School Athletes Learn From Alabama, Auburn Seasons


By Ashley Thompson

While Auburn searches for a new coach,  Alabama prepares for the SEC Championship Game on Saturday.

There are lessons to be learned regarding success and failure on the football field. Some high school athletes are taking away some very valuable ones from both Alabama and Auburn.

The Carver High School football team is practicing night after night, preparing for another playoff game. Like the Crimson Tide, they will need to lock up another win to get closer to their ultimate goal. For Carver, a state title. For Alabama...a national title.

"It's going to be a dog fight. You know, I just like our chances. If our guys come out, do what we're coaching them to do this week, we'll be good," says Carver High School Defensive Back Coach Marcus Byner.

But while Alabama once again relishes in another successful season, Auburn looks for new leadership...and a new game plan. Carver Head Coach Billy Gresham says the stark contrast between the two football programs is something that all coaches can learn from.

"The way Coach Chizik and his staff dealt with this season...I thought they did a great job of handling the adversity that they went through this season and on the flip side, you know, Alabama the way they're handling success year in and year out. You kind of look at that and say  'how can you be successful' and do it year in and year out" Gresham says.

And it's not just coaches who are taking away lessons from both football programs, players are as well. Top recruit and Auburn commit Jeremy Johnson says his teammates are trying to persuade him one way or another.

"All they're asking me is 'what I'm going to do now' because I'm committed to Auburn right now so they're asking me 'What are you gonna do now? Don't you see this? You ain't watching the game?' So they bother me but I just sit back and watch and joke with them. Right now I'm committed to Auburn until otherwise," Johnson says.

Carver High School will play Opelika Friday at Cramton Bowl while Alabama plays Georgia Saturday in the Georgia Dome.

You can watch the SEC Championship game here on CBS 8 Saturday at 3 o'clock.