Heavy Rains Cause Flash Flooding Emergency in Selma


By George McDonald

Severe weather batters the city of Selma with heavy rains that causes flash flooding throughout the city.

Dallas County EMA officials say flood waters got up to as high as three feet in some areas of the city.

Flood water was more than a foot deep at the corner of Lauderdale Street and Parkman Avenue in downtown Selma.

Carl White of Selma made the mistake of trying to drive his car through the flooded intersection.

"When I was coming down couldn't see the street was flooded cause it was raining and my windows was fogging up," said White. "I couldn't even see it, before I knew anything I was up on it. I had my windshield wipers on and I was coming and all of a sudden the water just came up on me and my car shut down and I tried to crank it back up and I looked down and water was just coming up on the inside of it, just flooded it out," he said.

Several other streets around the city were also covered with water-- making it hard to maneuver around the city until the water started to recede.

"It's something I never witnessed before in my life," said Selma Mayor George Evans. "It has subsided now and things are back to normal but this morning between nine and twelve or one o'clock, it was chaos around here."

There were also reports of flooding at some businesses and homes in the city.