Heavy Rains Bring Floods Across Areas In Butler Co.


By Catalina Trivino


Heavy rains are causing problems across Butler County. And residents say they're concerned with more that just slippery roads.

One area that's definitely not lacking any rain right now is in South Alabama. In fact, some areas in the region are flooding.

The county has had some short-term closings throughout the day, like on County Road 50, Honoraville Road. The roadway -- flooded.

Near Greenville, a vehicle was trapped in water with the driver still in it. The Butler County Sherriff's Office responded to the driver who was stuck for 30 minutes before they could get him out. His vehicle was under three feet of water... one that spread about 150 ft. wide, under a bridge off Airport Road. Sherriff Kenny Harden says the driver had climbed on top of his car because the water was rising.

"The water was rising, so I was able to back up my vehicle out there to him and he was able to get in the back end of my truck and we were able to get him out and in probably about 30 minutes, the water started receeding... going back down... but at that time it was rising," Said Butler County Sherriff, Kenny Harden.

More than six feet of rain fell in just hours in Butler County. The result -- overwhelming drainage systems.

"It has been very bad," Said Butler County resident, Willy Kemp. "Worse than I've ever seen out of the 40 plus year that I have resided here." She says she never thought heavy rain could impact her as much as it did.

Although the water has gone down, she says it was as high as three feet.

"Well I ended up having damage to my automobile, I had to get a towing service to pull it out of the yard and place it in a safer location. And during that time, It was noted that water had settled inside of my car and damaged the carpet," Said Kemp, who also received flooding damage on her front yard.

Sherriff Harden says they have not received any other flooding reports throughout the area. However, the Butler County Transportation Department took precautions earlier today in inspecting bus routes, to figure out a plan B incase it they hit any flooded areas.