Gun Violence and Video Games Debate


By Ellis Eskew

Do violent video games lead to gun violence?

Vice President Joe Biden sat down with video game producers Friday in an effort to help curb gun violence.  

We asked our WAKA CBS 8 Facebook fans if they thought violent video games contributed to real life violence. Here is what some of them had to say: 

"No! They would have done it anyway, regardless of the games they played. These men were mentally off, the games didn't make them that way," said Angel Tillery.

 "I don't, I have been playing them for years and never went out and killed anyone . It's the upbringing of the child that is the problem," said Kevin L. Byrd.

"To a certain extent it is possible. However, it will start with a person that already has problems. I believe in order to solve the gun violence issue we need to solve the mental health crisis, the socio- economic issues that surround gun violence," said Katherine Birmingham.

"Honestly, I do believe that these vulgar video games make children more violent. Just think about it, when I was little I ran outside and played in dirty like no ones business. And now a days kids have all of these gadgets which cause them to be less social. When kids can't express their feelings, that's when they go off and pull such inhumane acts," said Sana Burney.

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