Gun Sales Rise At Some Alabama Shops


By Ashley Thompson

In the five days since the school shooting massacre, gun sales have actually gone up at some stores in Alabama.




Guns, especially assault rifles have been flying off the shelves in some Alabama gun shops. Perhaps because some people fear new stricter gun laws will soon be created.

David Gentry manages Magic Pawn in Prattville, a shop that specializes in guns. He says the recent tragedy in Newtown along with some politicians calling for stricter gun laws has driven people to his store.


"We can't keep them. I mean as fast as we put them on the shelves, people are buying them," he says. "It's really amazing because what I've seen this week- people that may not be buying guns are buying guns because they think they're not going to be able to get them in the future."

U.S. Senate Democrats are planning on introducing new legislation to ban assault weapons. And the assumption that these guns will soon be made illegal has some speculating an immediate increase in their value.

"People think that they'll probably double in price by next year. Naturally if they do pass a ban they'll be worth a lot more," says Gentry.

Some we spoke to say they weren't too concerned with talk of a weapons ban.

"I really wouldn't want one. The ones they're talking about banning I probably wouldn't want one of those anyway," says one customer.

But there were some in the shop buying assault weapons while we were there.

"I went out and bought one myself and 3 clips to go with it," says customer Mark Ware. "There is some concern. If you have the opportunity and chance to do it, why not go out and do it in case you can't later on," he says.

It's not certain if new gun legislation will pass through Congress but even the idea of banning certain firearms has driven some people to purchase them.