Gun Rights Rally At The State Capital


By Amanda Wade

Dozens of people came to the state capitol in support of the Gun Rights Across America Second Amendment Rally, and they say tighter gun laws are not the answer to violence.

Nearly 50 people gathered for this year's rally. Many with signs and flags to voice their opinions on gun legislation.
"Without the second amendment, the constitution is going to fall completely. Everything will go after that," says Paul Strange, a rally attendee.  Peter Carroll, another rally goer and Montgomery resident says, "I think tighter gun control is not the answer. It's tighter crime control is what we need."
2013 was a big year for the gun debate. While some states wanted tighter gun control, Alabama passed a new law affirming the rights of residents to carry a gun as long as people can see it.
"You have a right to defend you and your family and your property and I stand for that proposition. In fact, that's what this country was founded on," says rally speaker, Representative Paul Beckman. The president of BamaCarry, also a rally speaker, says, "There's no excuse when you know the truth, the truth being you have no authority to enforce gun restrictions on Alabama per our constitution, period."
Some people attending the rally say they drove over 3 hours to show their support for the second amendment.