Greenville Police Search For Illegal Guns


By Catalina Trivino

In Greenville, police and the ATF aren't waiting to see if gun laws are made tougher -- they're taking action now to keep the city safer.

For the last month, taking illegal guns off the street has become high on the list of priorities for the Greenville Police Department.

"Get these guns out of these unwanted hands... and it must be stopped!" Said Greenville resident, Minnie Montgomery.

And that's exactly what Greenville Police are trying to do. The Investigations Department has become more alert in trying to get illegal guns off the street in hope of preventing any heinous crime, like that of Sandy Hook, from ever happening in Greenville.

"But now I think it just strikes a better chord, not just with the investigators but officers out there, too. It's something that we know and you can actually see the importance behind it," Said GPD Chief Investigator, Justin Lovvorn.

He says they've received several referrals from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, flagging people in the area who might own an illegal weapon -- and that means they're collecting guns if you're not legally supposed to have one.

So who exactly are they targeting?

"Anyone that has a conviction for certain felonies and a domestic violence charge conviction would make you ineligible to be in possession of a firearm," Said Lovvorn. It's a strategy investigators say will help reduce crime.

Montgomery says she's glad police are on the search for illegal guns.

"It comes to a point where this problem has to be resolved, just like the President spoke about. Something needs to be done now," Said Montgomery.

Greenville Investigators say they'll continue to follow any leads to find these illegal guns and they're asking the community to be proactive, as well. If you know of anyone who may be an illegal gun owner, contact the Greenville Police Department at 334-382-7461.