Greenville Attempted Murder Victim Speaks Out In New Book


By Catalina Trivino

CBS 8 is covering Greenville, where an attempted murder victim is shot in the back of her head by her ex-husband -- and three years later, she speaks out for the world to hear her story of survival.


It was in 2009 when Angie Kemp almost lost her life after she was shot twice outside of her apartment and left for dead -- but it's truly a story of triumph, as she's turned this tragedy into something positive.

Forgiveness -- it's opened up a whole new world of being free from the pain that was done to her.

"I realized I could've been gone," Said Kemp. It was October 30, 2009 when Kemp entered her apartment after returning from a football game.

"As I turned my light on and turned towards my closet, he was standing there with a gun pointing it on my face." It was the night Kemp says her ex-husband -- Ronnie Whatley -- entered her Greenville apartment. She says he was hoping to fix their marriage, one that became rocky after she says she discovered his drug use. Kemp says she told him she was moving forward without him -- a decision, she says, he didn't agree with.

"He made the comment, 'you know how much I love you' and then he said he was going to jail tonight," Said Kemp.

She says she ran out of the apartment -- and Whatley was behind her.

"And that's when he shot me in the back of my head and then he stood over me and shot me in the abdomen," Said Kemp who resulted in a coma for days. But a smiling picture of her in the hospital shows she was one of the lucky ones...

Since then, the Butler County's District Attorney's Office says Whatley plead guilty to Attempted Murder in 2011.

Kemp's heavy heart inspired her to tell her story, one she says teaches her readers to forgive.

Her book is called "Forgave: Releasing the Pain." Kemp will hold a book signing at the Covenant Warrior Christian Center in Greenville at noon and 5 o'clock on October 30, which marks the anniversary of the shooting.

Books will also be available for purchase. They cost $17.51.