Great Day Of Service Brightens Community


By Amanda Wade

The River Region got a face lift today during the 5th annual Great Day of Service; An event that encourages everyone to get involved and work to improve their communities.

Hundreds of community members and over 50 churches banded together to make the community a better place, and this year the focus was on the region's students. 
Community members and church goers worked together to give schools like Brewbaker Middle School a fresher look. Although service projects are not exclusively held in the schools, project organizers say this year the public schools are their biggest targets, but the principal says this spirit of service is nothing new.
"I can tell you this is what I'm used to in Montgomery. I was born and raised right here in Montgomery, and growing up we would always get out and go do work at the school from time to time, especially on Earth Day, and to see it happen on the Day of Service when you've got all our beautiful faculty and staff and volunteers, it's just been a wonderful opportunity," says the Brewbaker Middle School principal, Cameron Whitlow.
Church members prepared 400 lunches for volunteers working at the school, who painted the entire second floor of the building in less two hours. Some students say seeing this many volunteers at their school inspires them, "To see people that don't even go here help and stuff, that's a good feeling. Cause they don't really have to help they just doing it out of the goodness of their heart," says middle school student, Zanoah Boswell.
Great Day of Service organizers say it was not just large groups pitching in, smaller teams completed many projects throughout the city.