Friend Of Taco Bell Murder Victim Speaks Out About Her Death


By Catalina Trivino

From Montgomery -- two Taco Bell employees face capital murder charges after police say they robbed and killed their nightshift manager. Now, a friend of the manager speaks to us exclusively about what happened and how he is coping.

This Taco Bell on Atlanta Highway was closed, but there was a lot of activity today. More security cameras were placed around the building. And we're learning a lot more about the night manager who was found dead here, Vettia Roche.

Terry Wright says playing one of Vettia's favorite songs, "Amazing Grace," feels different without her fellow church member and friend...

"Tia is going to be missed. That was her chair there. She would sit there every Sunday and she was a very good," Said Wright, who played in the band with her at Consuming Fire Ministries. He says she played the trumpet.

Wright says during the week, she spent her evenings at the Taco Bell on Atlanta Highway until Montgomery Police found her dead in the parking lot.

Now, Rendauldous Chisholm and Kenneth Temple are each charged with one count of Capital Murder and one count of robbery for Roche's death. Temple is also charged with one count of Murder.

According to court documents, Roche was shot multiple times and struck multiple times with a car jack.

Chisholm and Temple are behind bars with no bond.

Wright says its left Roche's family and church heart-broken.

"She is definitely going to be well missed. Our hearts are broken that someone would take her life like that. She had a very very loving church family. That will miss her dearly," Said Wright.

It's not just her church family, but co-workers, too. Taco Bell officials brought counselors to the restaurant to help employees cope with both Roche's death and Chisholm and Temple's arrests. Taco Bell officials say additional security cameras were also installed along the restaurants blind spots. Wright says while he's only known her for several months, Vettia became almost like family to him -- and there's a message he has for her:

"Tia, as I say to you on Sundays when you are playing the trumpet for me. Girl, blow that thing!" Said Roche. "You did an awesome job for the church and for the ministry. You'll be well missed and we love you. And we'll always think about you."

Taco Bell officials would not go on camera today, but they say Roche worked here for about five months. They say she was a hard worker and always couldn't help but put on a smile.