Former Tutwiler Guard Found Not Guilty Of Custodial Sexual Misconduct Against Inmate


By Catalina Trivino

A shocking verdict leaves a  former Tutwiler prison guard free of charges of custodial sexual misconduct. An Elmore County jury found him not guilty of allegations made by a death-row inmate.


After two long, emotional days in an Elmore County courtroom, a jury found Matthew Hall, a former Tutwiler prison guard not  guilty of engaging in Custodial Sexual Msconduct with inmate, Christie Scott, who's in for Capital Murder. The defense says they were pleased with  the jurrors decision. but we also reached out to prosecuters to hear about what happened.
After 35 minutes of waiting, the decision shocked the courtroom.
Matthew Hall, the former Tutwiler Prison guard was found not guilty of  of kissing and inappropriately touching death-row inmate, Christie Scott. The allegations stem from an annonymous letter sent to the  Tutwiler warden back in 2011.
In closing arguments, the prosecution re-played a recording of what it calls a confession made by Hall, saying he touched Scott's breasts and kissed her, but that wasn't enough to get the guilty verdict.
Elmore county district attorney chief deputy, CJ Robinson, says he's disappointed abouut the verdict.

"We're not shocked . In the process of jury selection earlier this week, there were some jurrors who expressed they had issues with the victim being an inmate. now obviously those people were  out and none of them were on the jury but that being an attitude that was there was certainly a realistic possibility we had to deal with," Said Robinson.

Here's part of the confession you heard first on Alabama News Network on Tuesday.
"There was another time where we were kind of joking around and we ended up... we did kiss again and I do not recall putting her hand on my crotch, but im not denying it either," Said Hall in an interview with a DOC investigator on October 12, 2011.
Hall says he lied to investigators in that confession.
"I've learned some things about how interrogations work. I know now how to handle certain situations and I will not be put in this position again," Said Hall.
It's a position Hall's defense attorney, Richard White, emphasized in his closing statement -- he told the jury the investigation was done improperly.
"This investigation was a joke. It was terrible and  if you have people that are potential witnesses, you go talk to them," Said White.
This was the first trial since the Department of Justice did its expanded investigation of sexual abuse and misconduct at Tutwiler Prison. Hall says he's just thankful for the support of his loved-ones during the nearly three year process.