Former Teacher Meets With Investigators About MPS Grade Changing Allegations


By Jessica Gertler

A former public school teacher who says she witnessed hundreds of grades being changed has now met with school board and state investigators.

Lesa Keith, a former Lee High School teacher, says It took hours to compile her evidence. An entire box full of emails, grade reports, names and numbers. Some of her own, and some from other teachers.

She says it's proof that hundreds of grades were being changed at Lee High School for the last couple years.

In the last two weeks, Keith says she met with investigators from both the school system and the state.

"I do believe they believe everything I am telling them," she says.

Keith says the investigators made copies of her evidence, and took notes.

But she says they did not listen to or take her tape recordings, which she says has school officials admitting to what was going on.

"It makes you think is this going to be swept under the rug," she says. "If you listen to the whole tape, and you get to the end of it, it does say, the lady that I was talking to, I say, 'Who told us to do this?' And she says, 'The state.'"

CBS 8 News asked her if she believed the state knew about the alleged grade changing?

"The state knew about it long before they were brought in," she says.

State School Superintendent Tommy Bice said the investigation will wrap up next week, but did not say what his investigators found, or what will happen next.

Keith thinks the solution is a state take over.

"I have heard from a very important person in that investigation that said, 'Lesa, I hate to burst your bubble, but the state will not be taking it over.'"

Keith says she's anxious for the results.

"Those people involved need to be held accountable," she says.

But if that doesn't happen:  "I plan on going to Washington. I won't stop."

CBS 8 did get in touch with one school board member Mary Briers. She says she is reserving her judgement, and hasn't heard when the investigation will wrap up.

CBS 8 News also made calls to several Alabama Board of Education members, but since it was a holiday, no one returned our calls.

There will be a school board meeting tomorrow. To look at the agenda: