Food Banks, Shelters See Greater Need During Holiday Season


By Ashley Thompson

As the holidays approach, food banks and homeless shelters see a greater need for food and clothing donations.



"The Salvation Army is a lifesaver to these people around here. If they wouldnt- they'd be in the streets- sleeping under a board somewhere," he says.



With the holidays quickly approaching, the Salvation Army is seeing more people like James- homeless and hungry. Captain Mark Gilliam says everyone who comes to the shelter has a unique story.


Times are hard and people are struggling. The Salvation Army is doing its' best to give people a reason to smile during this holiday season but that depends on you!




James has been here at Montgomery's Salvation Army for years. He says he's grateful they have never turned him down when he's been in need.

"We have an idea of what a homeless person may be. But a homeless person can be someone who couldn't pay the utility bills for that month or a couple months so instead of being in a house with no power and runnning water... we provide a place for them to stay," says Gilliam.

Captain Gilliam says the shelter is volunteer driven and has seen success because of community efforts. But still, he says there is constant need for items especially right now.

"We need linens, we need towels, we need hygiene kits, soaps and shampoos. And alot of times... little size items like that are a big help to us because when people come to us, a lot of times, they have nothing," he says.



Their slogan is 'Doing the Most Good' and that's exactly what the Salvation Army continues to do throughout the Holiday Season.


Needed Items include: 

Brushes, Combs, Lotion, Powder, toothbrushes, toothpaste, q-tips, shampoo (travel size) , conditioner (travel size) , canned foods, boxed food, bedding, linens, warm clothes, winter coats, Christmas gifts for children 12 and under

To volunteer time/ schedule a time to serve lunch: Call 334 265 0281 and ask for Camielle (volunteer coordinator) 

The Montgomery Salvation Army Shelter is located at 900 Maxwell Blvd.