Flash-Flood Safety At Cooter's Pond In Prattville


By Catalina Trivino

Prattville city leaders are on high alert -- they want to make plans to ensure people are safe from floods. This comes after 12 people had to be rescued from a flash flood near Cooter's Pond.

The water level at Pine Creek covers your feet now, but that wasn't the case yesterday. The embankment was nearly six feet high, and it was flooded over; the farther you go into the creek, the higher the embankment. City leaders say the 12 campers who were rescued were very lucky -- the circumstances could have been very different.

Kyle Glover was one of the campers who was caught in a flash flood in Pine Creek. Now that the water level has gone down, Glover is heading to the creek to get one of his submerged trucks.

"As far as camping over-night? No, I ain't camping over here. It's going to be at least five or six days of dry weather before we come back over here," Said Glover.

Police Chief, Mark Thompson, says it was a close call and they want to prevent losing a life.

"Definitely start having no parking, towing zones, and once we get those up, we'll start towing vehicles that are parked in those areas," Said Thompson.

He says some of the land is on private property. So he hopes to speak to land owners to get it blocked off.

"But I know there's been several times recently because this year and last year have been pretty wet. And we have had a few times swift water rescue has gone out a few times to rescue people," Said Mayor, Bill Gillespie.

David Hopper has lived near the creek and says he helped at least 10 people last summer from being stuck. He says he'd like to see an access point there to ensure safety.

"Where people would have access to it, know they can access it without getting in trouble. Not trying to go into people's land," Said Hopper.

Glover says he wants posted rules and regulations could help the public.

"Like flood water signs maybe. I don't think they should ban people from coming down here," Said Glover.

Glover says it took the creek about three minutes to fill up from the ankles to about 10 feet deep.
The main thing authorities want to emphasize is people to be aware, stay away from this flash-flood area if it plans to rain out here. City leaders will study this flood to see what they need to do to make improvements in the area.