Trial For Former Tutwiler Guard Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Inmate Begins


By Catalina Trivino

We've been following sexual abuse and misconduct allegations at Tutwiler Prison and today --  the first trial was brought to court since the allegations were made. We were the only news station in the court room.

The prosecution and defense spent five hours deliberating whether Matthew Hall, now a former Tutwiler prison guard in this case, actually committed Custodial Sexual Misconduct against inmate, Christie Scott. Hall says the allegations are untrue, but the prosecution says otherwise.
It was a war of words inside the courtroom -- Matthew Hall, a former Tutwiler Prison guard is accused of kissing, inappropriately touching and fondling death-row  inmate, Christie Scott, in March 2011 after an anonymous letter was sent to the warden on the allegations. But Hall denied any sexual misconduct.

"At any point in time did you go in there and kiss her?" asked defense lawyer, Richard White. "No," Said Hall. "At any point in time did you stare at her in the shower?" "No, sir," repeated Hall.

"At any point in time did you try to touch her breasts?" "No, sir."
"At any point in time did you have any physical contact with Christie Scott?" "No, sir."

But the prosecution says they have recorded evidence of Hall confessing to some sexual misconduct in an October 12, 2011 interview.

"We ended up kissing and my hand did touch her breasts," Said Hall in the interview.

"Is that the only 'touching' that ever happened? I mean, she mentioned one other time where, I guess, you all were teasing back and forth and you put her hand on your crotch. How did that go about?" Asked Kelly Smith with the DOC Investigation and Intelligence Dvision.

"There was another time where we were kind of joking around and we ended up... we did kiss again... and I do not recall putting her hand on my crotch, but I'm not denying it either," Said Hall in the recording.

Smith was also one of several DOC employees called to the stand on Tuesday.

"She didn't really want to talk about it and she didn't want to get Sgt. Hall in trouble. She is death row, so that there is very little human contact's she enjoyed the communication and the touch's it's single cells and she enjoyed the attention," Said Smith.

Scott says Hall touched and kissed her more than once.
"It was after my divorce papers had been served [that] he came in and he was talking to me and he... when he kissed me that time, he took my hand," Said Scott who explained that he put her hand on his crotch.
"Is that over his pants?" Asked Mandy Johnson with the prosecution. "Yes," Said Scott."

The defense says the anonymous letter alleges that in addition to inappropriate touching and kissing, the letter also says Hall and the Scott had sex. Both of them denied that ever happening on the witness stand.
There will be closing arguments on Wednesday. Stay with Alabama News Network to hear the latest on the deliberation.