Father's Day Sales Up in River Region


By Catalina Trivino

What to buy for dad? That's been on the mind of many people this weekend, as families prepare to spend the day with their fathers. But for those of you who are last minute shoppers, retailers are saying thank you, because they are benefiting even more this year. In fact, one study shows Father's Day spending is up.

When it comes to buying the perfect gift for dad, people are spending a little more this year compared to last year. Americans are expected to spend $13.3 billion for Father's Day.

Last minute shoppers are grabbing their carts and rolling down the aisles in search of the perfect gift for their father..

"I got an i-Phone 4 and I was looking for a case so I don't break it the first day that I own it," Said one dad, Bob Mahoney.

The National Retail Federation says people are slightly stretching their Father's Day budget this year. The survey says the average shopper is spending $119.84 on dad's gifts. That's up $2.70 from last year.

"Primarily a lot of the mens clothing, that's probably been our biggest seller, along with electronics, sporting goods... those have probably been the biggest things," Said Prattville Target store executive, Jayme Yarroch.

They're all things sure to please pops... but then comes the really tough part -- picking out a card.

"I think because you want it to express how you're feeling or what you wanted to say towards that person at least in my opinion, that's what cards do. Maybe [they're] somebody else's words, but if they're able to capture what it is you want to say. So it's finding that perfect card that does that," Said Montgomery resident, Aimee Helms.

And while retailers benefit from these splurges, some people say quality time is more important than a present and according to the survey, it's what 40 percent of dads are asking for.

"I'd rather have the experience, we're going to spend a week down in Disney World with our grand-daughter and our kids and have a great time," Said Mahoney.

The NRF says Americans will spend about $2.5 billion on a special outing. But how does dad compete with mom and her special day? Target says even though it's been busy, more shoppers spend on Mother's Day

"I think Mother's Day still has a much higher sales volume. Much more traffic in the store," Yarroch.

So when it comes to receiving gifts, dad's may be getting the short end of the stick. Target management says they don't expect father's day sales to match what they made for mother's day.

The study shows on average, shoppers spent $160 on their mom's this past May, which is about $40 dollars more than they're spending on dad.