Facebook Shopping Proves Good for Customers and Business.


By Ellis Eskew

With the click of a mouse it's easy to purchase gifts all over the web. And now, it's even showing up more in social media.



Technology is now making shopping easier as stores move on-line-- and even onto social media.


It's something Vonda Wood, owner of ElizabethGrace Fashions, wanted for her website boutique.

"I began attending a seminar in the spring about how to advertise on Facebook," said Wood.

And ever since then she says her customer base for contemporary women and junior's fashions has multiplied.

"I went from about 96 "likes" in April of this year, and I'm almost up to 600 on my Facebook page," said Wood.

Erin Tipton is a loyal customer of ElizabethGrace Fashions.

"It makes it very easy, she will take photos," said Tipton.

Those photos are then put on the ElizabethGrace Fashions website and Facebook page.

It can draw your attention to purchase something when you didn't even know you were shopping.

"I think it helps her business because I know people she doesn't know and as we all know how facebook works, if someone tags you in a photo all of your facebook friends can see it so that helps her promote her business outside Montgomery," said Tipton.