Expect Congested Roads, Airports This Holiday Weekend


By Ashley Thompson

With Christmas just around the corner, this weekend is set to be one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

People have already started their holiday traveling and you're one of them. You can expect to see big crowds everywhere from the gas station to the airport. The highways will naturally be more congested than usual. Airports are also seeing an increase in traffic.

"You know tomorrow is going to be busy. Saturday, Sunday and then Monday will be busy. Actually Christmas Day it'll be busy Christmas morning and slack off that afternoon," says Montgomery Airport director Phil Perry.

"It's always a concern and we have had some phone calls from people wondering if their flights were on time, just checking the status of the flight. And I think that's a good thing to do," he says. "Fortunately here we've been able to get every flight out almost on time."

But at some airports including Atlanta, which is a major stop for Montgomery layovers, things haven't been as smooth. One traveler tells us the combination of severe weather and airport crowds has made traveling stressful.

"I'm not a young lady and I had to run all the way to [gate] D to get the plane," says traveler Ursula Sellitta. "Everybody was running in every direction and there was a big storm. And everybody was running," she says.

But good news for people driving to their holiday destination this year. The national average price of gasoline has dropped to $3.25 a gallon. Here in Montgomery, we've seen even lower prices making traveling more convenient for some.

"They're so low now, you know, under three dollars. So it's a whole lot easier, you know. I believe I can travel a lot further," says traveler Stephan Jackson.

Flights are expected to be full this weekend so if you're traveling by plane, be sure to give yourself more time than usual to check in.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety has said law enforcement officials will be highly visible on the roads this weekend.

This time of year in the Southeast, it's not unusual to see some severe weather. And with the recent tornado activity, Perry says his staff tries to accommodate however they can.