'Enough Is Enough' Campaign To Be More Active In 2013


Montgomery had 32 murders in 2012, which was more than we've had in the past 5 years. Is enough enough? Pastor Ed Nettles thinks so and would like his campaign to more active in 2013.

Pastor Ed Nettles started the 'Enough Is Enough' campaign at Freewill Missionary Baptist Church more than 6 years ago, designed to stop violence in Montgomery. But today some people say more must be done.

"I dont think enough is enough is solving the problem because if it was solving the problem we should have left out of 2012 with two homicides," says Montgomery resident Kevin Pettiway.

The campaign hasn't been as visible lately because Pastor Nettles has been fighting an illness. But he says regardless, he will continue to fight for a more peaceful community.


"We're hoping in the new year to become even more active in getting the word out within the community," he says. "As you are aware gun violence is still a great part of our community. The murders are still happening and we have to continue to get the message out there about stopping the violence."

Through advertisements, signs and commercials, Pastor Nettles has promoted a message of unity. But some say they feel as if stopping Montgomery's violence starts at home.

"Once parents start being parents, I think we could possibly put enough is enough out of business," says resident Robert McDaniel. "I think it basically all starts with that. Parents being parents."

Others still believe in Enough is Enough.

"If we stick with it, I believe it'll work," says Montgomery resident Sherry Brisker. "I think it's a good thing to have a stop the violence campaign."

Pastor Nettles says Montgomery's growing number of homicides should be troubling to everyone.

"If we become complacent and just watch the numbers rise, they will continute to rise. We can never become complacent," he says.


Regardless of whether people think the campaign is working, everyone we spoke to knew about Enough is Enough.


Nettles was recognized with the MAX Credit Union Community Achievement Award for his fight against violence.