Security Issues at Elmore Co. Jail Repaired


By Jessica Gertler

After seven inmates have managed to escape from the Elmore County Detention Center in the last year, improvements are being made. Today, Sheriff Bill Franklin gives CBS 8 News a tour around the facility to see what is being done.

$130,000 have been spent on safety measures at the Elmore County Jail.

"There are inserts that have been placed on these mechanical doors," says Franklin. "I think tomorrow they are going to put the smaller style mesh on the top five feet."

Franklin says the facility has been in need of a fence since it was built in 1995.

"This should for all practical purposes solve the issues that we've got," he says.

Issues that he says have popped up in the last year.

Seven inmates have managed to escape from the jail.

"The mechanical door there is a style door that was compromised when the inmates left the jail," says Franklin.

Franklin says in December, five inmates used a sharp object to get out, walked on a catwalk, and then jumped to the ground. The other two inmates broke out in September and wound up in Sidney Cones' neighborhood.

"Two of the inmates came over to one of the houses trying to break in to a car and tried to find monies in it to make their escape," says Cones.

Cones says he's happy to hear the jail is making improvements.

"People in charge are trying to keep things safe for the neighborhood," he says.

As for Franklin, he says he will keep working to ensure the public's safety.

"This just adds another deterrent that they are going to have to try to get through," he says.

Franklin says all of these improvements will be finished by Friday.