Elmore Co. Deputies Searching For Burglars


By Catalina Trivino

CBS 8 is taking action against crime tonight in Elmore County...

Deputies are on the search for the people involved in a rash of home burglaries and deputies need your help to find the burglars.

Deputies say the number of home burglaries in the last month has people in Elmore County on high alert....

So what's the trend?

All these burglaries are forced entries, with homes being ransacked... and most of them are being burglarized early in the day.Just days ago, Adrian Cahill's home on Dexter Road in Elmore county was broken into...
Just days ago, Adrian Cahill's, home on Dexter Road in Elmore county was broken into...
"When I pulled in the car port, I noticed the door had been busted off the hinges, the frame was broken," Said Cahill.
He says the burglars took thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and electronics.
"Well, when you walk into something like that, you don't know what you're going to meet. And each closet door you open, each bedroom door you open and every corner you turn, you don't know what's going to happen in that next second," Said Cahill.

He didn't run into the burglars, but he's not the only burglary victim. This stack is just some of the information deputies have on the 7 other homes that have been hit.... all on Grier, Balm, Weoka and Dexter Road. Most of them missing jewelry and electronics, as well.

"It's created a lot of work over the past month or so, we've just been steadily trying to track property," Said Elmore County investigator, Chris Kearly.

And track the burglars...
Sheriff, Bill Franklin says most of the homes were burglarized between 8 iam and 12 p.m. He would not comment how many people could be involved in the burglaries, but he says they've interviewed about a dozen persons of interest.
"We're not going to stop until we find the correct folks that's responsible for this. I think these folks are about ready for someone to be caught," Said Sheriff Franklin.
And until they're caught, neighbors like Cahill, say theyll be shaken up...
"Right now, you can look up every three minutes, you can see a police car or a sheriff's car coming by," Said Cahill.
Sheriff Franklin is asking neighbors to keep an eye on each other if you see any unusual activity. They do have finger print evidence to help them with these cases, but they're hoping you can help with any information.
If you have a tip, you can contact Crimestopers at 215-stop.
Sheriff Franklin says the burglars could face felony Theft and Burglary charges... As well as a Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling charge -- deputies say one of the homes had children inside, but the burglars immediately fled upon entering the home.