Early Morning Storms Leave Some Butler Co. Residents Homeless


By Amanda Wade

In South Alabama, early morning storms leave some Butler county residents homeless.

Allen Grimes says he was sitting on his couch when he heard his porch roof rip off of the house and fly over top of it; landing dozens of yards away in the woods, "It seemed like it had calmed down. I looked out front and there was a power line in front of the road. So, I drove my truck down there with the flashers. A cop pulled up and we were talking and when I looked up at the house, flames were coming out the top of the house. So that's when I ran inside and woke up the kids and the wife and told them to get out of the house," he says.

Grimes says his family is safe, but their home is destroyed.

They are not the only ones who lost their homes to a fire. Across the county, a young couple and their 14 month old baby escaped their home before it burnt to the ground, "Talking to the homeowner that he heard a lightening strike. He thought maybe it hit a tree. Got to looking around and the house was filling up with smoke. So they were all able to get out without anybody being hurt," says Butler County Sheriff, Kenny Harden.

Butler County Engineer, Dennis McCall, says they also have more than 30 reports of downed trees on roadways. Many trees fell on vehicles throughout the area, and going into the second round of storms, the engineers caution drivers about potential dangers, "At any given time, as wet at the conditions are, we could have a tree fall across the roadway."

The Butler County EMA director says, so far, there are no reports of injuries in the area. 

The Red Cross says they are working to assist each of the families with storm damage to their homes.