Caught On Video: Andalusia Man Captured After Running Over Drug Task Force Agent


By Catalina Trivino

An undercover agent with Covington County's drug task force tells us he's been in numerous dangerous situations, but this was a new one for him on the list -- getting hit by a car. That led to a 15-hour manhunt before the suspect was arrested.

Drug Task Force Agents say they were picking up suspects in drug distribution cases in an Andalusia neighborhood. That's when they say Chaimbrin Flowers spotted the blue lights and tried to drive off.

"I noticed the vehicle going to reverse and the vehicle went into reverse I was kind of trapped between the vehicle and the car and the car was going so fast backwards that I really had no time to go anywhere," Said the undercover agent.

His partner, Greg Jackson, said he had no choice, but to think fast...

"I moved out of the way, so he wouldn't pin the officer between the truck and the other car. And he hit the officer and flipped him up over the car and on to the pavement," Said Jackson.

That started a car chase and an overnight search that led to the capture of Chaimbrin Flowers.

Agents say Flowers happened to show up at the spot where they found the car.

"There was no way I was catching him, but we chased him for a little while, but we lost him with all these streets. It's like a maze through here," Said the undercover agent.

That agent received only minor injuries and says he's still sore from the hit. Flowers has been charged with Assault second degree and Attempting to Allude.

Officers say they're interviewing Flowers to find out why he fled. They believe it could be drug related.