UPDATE: SWAT Teams Negotiating, Victim's name released


By CBS 8 News


According to CBS affiliate WTVY, SWAT teams are back on the scene this morning trying to negotiate with the suspect.

At this time police are confirming the suspect is still in the underground shelter with the child and have been in contact with the child.

The Dale County Sheriffs Department has confirmed the identity of the victim as 66 year old Charles Albert Poland Junior.

Poland was hired in 2009 by the Dale County Board of Education as a Bus Driver. 

Orginal Story:

Sheriff's officials in Dale County say a school bus driver who was shot aboard his bus in Midland City has died.

An unidentified man boarded a school bus, shot a bus driver several times and left the bus with a 6-year-old passenger Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the incident unfolded after the bus driver refused the suspect's demand to let the child off the bus.

Authorities say the man took the child to an area behind a nearby church, and police are negotiating with him.

Police in Midland City were not immediately available to comment, and a call to the Dale City Sheriff's office was not answered Tuesday evening.