Dog Reported Stolen from Car in Montgomery


By Ellis Eskew

Susan Corley says she and her son went to Walgreen's on Atlanta Highway January 19th.

While they were inside, she says someone stole her Yorkie out of her car.

She says they called the police and asked about surveillance video but were told there was not any video.

They did find the thief's cell phone in the car.

But that still hasn't led to an arrest.

Right now, Corley just wants her dog back.

"I really hope whoever has him has taken care of him, but I really want him home," said Corley through tears.

Corley says she has filed a report with the police department, but she feels they are not doing enough.

Here is a statement that the Montgomery Police Department released regarding this case:





"Investigations of this nature can take some time. Detectives are pursuing leads in this case. This is an active investigation and we anticipate that the leads will result in an arrest."



If you have any information about the whereabouts of this dog, call the Montgomery Police Department at 334-625-2831.


A Montgomery woman is grieving the loss of her dog after she believes someone stole him from her car.