Do Dads Get Less On Father's Day Than Moms On Mother's Day?


By Amanda Wade

It is Father's Day and dads across the nation are being celebrated, but are they getting as much recognition as mom?

The National Retail Federation calls Father's Day a blip on the retail sales radar compared to Mother's Day, but in Montgomery, it seems like dear ole dad may not be getting the short end of the stick.
The NRF says spending is down for dads this year; expecting sales to hit 12.5 billion dollars. That is seven billion dollars less than the NRF predicted for Mother's Day, but in some Montgomery restaurants, servers are not seeing a difference in the holidays, "I would say they're both pretty much the same. People want to get in and get their food. People want to make their mother and their father's happy on Mother and Father's days, so they're very much the same," says Lindsay Steele, a waitress at Sa Za. 
At Dreamland Bar B Que, Azariah Johnson says he is even noticing a bit more of a crowd for Father's Day, "Today I've seen a lot of gifts. A lot of gifts and big parties. People have been bringing in their grandparents with the father's, so we've seen different generations all at the same table, gifts are being passed around, so that's something different that I didn't see on Mother's Day."
The National Retail Federation also predicts people spent nearly $50.00 more on gifts for mom than dad this year.