Did Beyonce Lip-Sync the National Anthem?


By Ellis Eskew

The web is a buzz today over the presidential inauguration. But instead of the President, the buzz is about Beyonce and whether or not she lip synced the national anthem.

Beyonce belted out a soaring national anthem at Monday's presidential inauguration.

But then came reports the performance was only partly live.




According to a U.S. Marine Band spokesperson, Beyonce did not have time to practice with the band and therefore she would have a pre-recorded voice track.

A source tells CBS News Beyonce did sing and that her mic was hot. But she matched her voice with the pre-recorded track.

We asked some of you how you feel about her performance and whether it was okay for her to lip sync it.

On Facebook, Tracy Fulmer Norris commented, "Yes I mind...if you can't honor our president with a live performance then why on earth are you there?"

Crystal Weathers Bozeman says, "I can understand lip-syncing at an event like that. The pressure would have to be intense. Better to lip-sync than goof up on lyrics and be criticized unrelentingly by the media. Just ask Christina Aguilera."

Sources say it's standard practice to pre-record inaugural music in case of bad weather or other unexpected circumstances. However, Monday's skies were clear at the inauguration, and there's no word yet on why Beyonce made the call.