Linden Voters Get Set to Choose a Mayor


By George McDonald

People in Linden will head back to the polls in about two weeks to choose a mayor.

Incumbent mayor Mitzi Gates is running for re-election against former Marengo County Commissioner and Linden City Councilman-- Charles Moore.

Gates and Moore will face-off in the run-off election-- Tuesday, October 9th.

Both candidates say jobs are a number one priority for the city over the next four years.

"Its like everywhere, one of the major issues is Linden is bringing jobs to town so that it will put some of the people who are out of work already and to help us grow as a community," said Gates.

"Of course everybody wants industry and jobs but if we don't get it in Linden, I want it for Marengo County because Lindenites could possibly get a job there if its somewhere in this county," said Moore.

The city of Linden is the county seat of Marengo County and has a population of about 21-hundred people.