Crimestoppers Needs Donations


By Catalina Trivino

An organization that helps fight crime in central Alabama now needs your help to keep their doors open.

Crimestoppers says it's getting more cases than ever and more cases means more reward money being given out. That's less funding for the organization. So now Crimestoppers is asking for your help so it can continue to help solve crimes.

You may have seen Crimestoppers surveilance video like this one -- a convenience store armed robbery in Montgomery.

Or maybe this one -- another armed robbery at Compass Bank in Montgomery.

Altogether, the reward money for those cases was $1,700.

Tony Garrett with Crimestoppers says the money is worth getting crime off the streets. But he says for every reward out for a case, that's less money to fund Crimestoppers.

"Probably around $6,000 or $7,000 is what we normally were spending a year on rewards, now we're spending close to $20,000 and it looks like that may be our average now," Said Garrett.

With only two people working Crimestoppers and serving 16 agencies across central Alabama, Garrett says he wants to make sure the money doesn't stop them from solving crimes...

"We are on several line item budgets for city of Montgomery, Montgomery County [and] Wetumpka to name a few, but some agencies just came into the fold," Said Garrett, who hopes Crimestoppers will be in other county and city budgets in the future.

Tyson Eaves hopes people will respond with donations. He too was a victim of three burglaries at Serendipty Uniform Outlet -- but he says thanks to Crimestoppers, the burglars never came back.

"[The criminals] see themselves on TV -- and it's not where they want to be. It's pretty embarassing, so Crimestoppers, like I said, is not only to catch criminals. Sometimes it's also a deterrent," Said Eaves.

Since Crimestoppers began in 1997, it's cleared more than 3,000 cases and paid nearly $100,000 in rewards.

The salary for those two employees at Crimestoppers also comes from public funding.
If you'd like to donate to Crimestoppers just go to