Covington County Veteran's Day Parade Brings Crowds To Andalusia


By Catalina Trivino

At first glance, it's a regular parade -- but this parade is not so much for the crowd...

"I was on the aircraft carrier in the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean most of the time," Said Byron Nichols, who enlisted in the NAVY in 1943. He was just 18-years-old, fighting in World War II, the Korean and Vietnam War -- and he joins hundreds in celebration of the 9th Annual Covington County Veterans Day Parade in Andalusia.

"Oh, I think this is the most wonderful thing I've ever seen," Said World War II veteran, Fletcher Jones, about Monday's event.

Residents across south Alabama and the state came out to show their support and honor those who fought for our freedom. In addition to the usual parade-type noises you'd hear, there were also the sounds of grateful families, cub scouts and veterans that were also heard.

BITE-Col. Ben Bowden Airforce

"Just personally, I feel so much sense of gratitude to the veterans around me who have really put it all out there on the line. And I want to honor them any time I can," Said Airforce Colonel, Ben Bowden, who was the guest speaker at the event's ceremony.

Following the parade, a POW and MIA Ceremony honored military personnel taken as "prisoners of war" or listed as "missing in action." The service was also a tribute to those currently on active duty or who fought in previous wars -- a dedication Nichols says he, as well as other veterans, are humbled by.

"It means a lot. I appreciate being appreciated, you know. I do. I think it's great," Said Nichols.

City organizers also say they had one of their biggest crowds ever at this year's event.


Covington County's Veteran's Day Parade was one of the many events held throughout the state...