Could Severe Weather Impact Your Thanksgiving Travel Plans?


By Catalina Trivino

From Montgomery -- storms are slamming the Southwest with high winds, rain and ice all throughout Thanksgiving week -- the busiest travel day of the year. And as the severe weather makes it's way to the east, Alabama travelers say their travel plans are being affected...

Whether you're hopping on a plane or hitting the road, travelers we spoke with say they're keeping their eyes on the skies. And with the weather planning to get even worse on Tuesday and Wednesday, some people are wondering whether their travel plans will have to change.

Twenty flights with about 1,000 people a day this week at the Montgomery Regional Airport are hoping to fly to their Thanksgiving destination.

Ethel Green is flying to New York and she says she's glad to fly early before the weather gets messy.

"And that was my purpose of leaving early, but thankfully the bad weather will be coming after I leave, so hopefully I'll miss it," Said Green, who is a Montgomery resident.

While the Montgomery Regional Airport is dealing with minimal flight delays and cancellations now, workers hope they're not added to the list of airports who have cancelled hundreds of flights due to the bad weather.

"We're in contact with the airlines as far as their hubs if they're expecting any bad weather. We're looking at any diversions we may have due to bad weather, where would we put them in the air field, how would we support any additional flights that we normally might now have," Said Executive Assistant for the Montgomery Regional Airport, Mark Wnuck.

But early travelers, like Doyle Rogers, can also be seen on the roadways. He left Louisiana at 5 a.m. to drive to Georgia, hoping the bad weather wouldn't catch up with him...

"The weather is following us. We just got off the phone talking to one of our friends in Lockport and they said it's raining over there," Said Rogers.

And if the roadways get too messy, Melonie Latshaw says she's packing for the worst.

"Of course, we're taking extra blankets and food and all that just incase we get stuck somewhere," Said Latshaw.

Airport officials say they don't anticipate many flights to be cancelled, but if this weather comes our way, they've prepared to have extra staff inside the airport, as well as on the taxiways.

AAA expects Thanksgiving travelers to total over 43 million -- most of them traveling on the roadways. But if you are traveling by plane, airport officials are asking that you check the weather at each destination you're stopping at because it's possible your flight could be cancelled or delayed.