Conrad Makes Court Appearance After Being Re-Charged


By Catalina Trivino

Chris Miles, Tallassee's former Assistant Police Chief, was the lead investigator in one of the most notorious sex abuse cases in Elmore County history. But now 105 counts have been dropped to six in the Stephen Conrad case because prosecutors say Miles got evidence illegally.

Conrad is the Tallassee man accused of raping and molesting eight children.

The reason why those charges have been dropped is because only five of those charges can be proved, but the DA's office says that also means Conrad could face about 21 years in prison if convicted.. instead of possible life in prison.

"We're here on an initial appearance on several charges. I understand some others were dropped," Said Elmore County Judge, Glenn Goggins, inside the courtroom speaking to Stephen Conrad, whose 105 count indictiment was dropped.

Now, Conrad is charged with one count of Sex Abuse, three counts of Sex Abuse of a Child Under 12 and two counts of Rape -- that's 99 sex abuse charges less than what he faced just days ago.

"Before we dismissed it though, we had agent Walker with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation sign six warrants on Mr. Conrad," Said Elmore County District Attorney, Randall Houston.

This means Conrad was re-charged. His bond was lowered to $410,000.

"Are you asking the court to set a bond lower than this? Are you going to be able to make this?" Said Judge Goggins to Conrad, who responded, "I would like it a little bit lower."

But the bond remains.

Chief Deputy C.J. Robinson with the DA's office wants a guilty verdict. If convicted, Conrad could face just over 21 years in prison, instead of life -- and prosecutors want more.
"It's very disgusting you know a lot of hard work and time goes into things you know somebody sat in jail at a $4.5 million bond... did they commit the crimes? Did they not commit the crimes? And now we'll never know," Said Robinson.

Prosecutors say the remaining charges involve four alleged victims. Originally, there had been eight, but prosecutors say when the other four were interviewed they didn't say anything about being abused.

Judge Goggins told Conrad an attorney will have to be appointed for his bond to be lowered. He also has 30 days to request a preliminary hearing if he chooses to have one.