City of Montgomery Discusses New Developments for 2013


By Ellis Eskew

The City of Montgomery unveils its development preview for 2013.

In the first of five meeting this year private individuals and public officials listened as the city laid out its plans for 2013.

One proposal includes adding food trucks to the downtown area.

 "In a methodical way we are going to introduce the concept of food trucks to make sure we don't get ahead of ourselves and see if there is that type of command from the audience," said Chad Emerson, Director of City Development.

Emerson says right now they want to focus on food trucks around the capitol building.

"The specific location is near the state house insight near the state capitol. We think there is a lot of unmet demand for a food business up there," said Emerson.

Public art will be a major focus for downtown Montgomery in 2013. There is a plan to allow the public to write on a giant chalkboard things they would like to do before they die.

And another proposal is to expand Montgomery's parks connecting them throughout the city.

"We've got a lot of parks, but a lot of them just aren't connected, and this exercise is to try and actually connect all the parks, to make them even more attractive than what they are right now. We think it will add to the quality of life for everybody that's here," said Robert Smith, Director of Planning.

For a complete list of projects being discussed you can visit here.